Zinio responds to Rick and myself

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I just received a personal email from Richard Maggiotto, President & CEO of Zinio. Which I don’t think I’m breaking any convention by sharing with people here after my earlier comments on Rick Segals recent problems regarding Zinio and Red Herring.

Dear Matt,I hope that you don’t mind me emailing you directly. I saw your blog posting and felt compelled to get in touch. I’ve done the same with Rick and hopefully explained the situation and corrected any problem he, or any other customer experienced.As CEO of Zinio, I would like to personally apologize for any inconvenience customer experienced by purchasing Red Herring through Zinio, and try to explain what occurred. If you feel it would be helpful or be of interest to you, I would be happy, whenever convenient, to chat by phone.Virtually without notice, our relationship with Red Herring ended as a result of non-payment for services rendered – a first in the history of Zinio. We genuinely want to do right by our customers and would appreciate the opportunity to do so. We truly value our customers and hope this regrettable situation won’t change their, or your, perception of our products and services.We ARE in fact issuing refunds, even for those Red Herring accepted directly despite the fact they owe us a quarter of a million dollars. While that is neither here nor there and will ultimately become a matter of public records soon, the unfortunate business in all of this is that the customer suffered. For this I am very sorry. We’re doing our best to remedy that and where a refund may not be enough, customers are also being offered a free subscription as well of any other magazine under $50 (pretty much most that we carry).Should you have any question, please don’t hesitate to call or email at any time. We would love the opportunity to prove ourselves to you.Best Regards,Rich

It was nice of Rich to chime in and make sure these issues that Rick should not have experienced, (and spooked me) are quickly fixed. Red herring has been removed from the site now.It looks as though Red Herring has moved to a competing service. And I don’t doubt the contention by Rich that Red Herring hasn’t paid their bills, it looks as though they’re having trouble getting the magazine out period. And while Rick has every right to be angry (he made valleywag!) with both Zinio and Red Herring. But it looks as thought it was a malicious act on red herrings part and zinio being caught a bit flat footed.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at www.mattroberts.com.


  1. Ken says

    I’m not sure what "Virtually without notice, our relationship with Red Herring ended as a result of non-payment for services rendered" means… How does somebody SUDDENLY not pay you?

  2. mattroberts says

    I took it to mean that zinio had been expecting payment and as Red Herring was still using the zinio service the relationship could be expected to be still ‘ongoing.’ Even if they were behind on their payments.This perception probably changed when Red Herring moved to the other service, without giving zinio advanced notice.

  3. Rick Segal says

    Matt,I think the larger issue here was that Zinio didn’t proactively deal with this. In fact, much of this is, well, weird. After RH had left Zinio, RH was still for sale on the web site. That’s unacceptable to me, virtually without notice or not.Second, nobody was getting refunds until the blog stuff started. Both Scott and I got emails from Zinio claiming, sorry, no refunds.Then, Rich emailed me as well.The lessons/points I wanted to make to all the newbies out there was to be proactive. Rich’s email is fine but it should have happened before I ever touched the keyboard.rgds,>R

  4. mattroberts says

    Hey Rick, Agree with all your points. As an aside – I am a subscriber to the print version. I have had absolutely no luck getting info on where my copies are… thanks to yesterdays hoopla I noticed I haven’t received any copies since mid-April. Its pretty damn frustrating.

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