Peekvid being sued… daily motion? nope.

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I’ve been following the saga of Peekvid for a number of months on this site.I regularly see my post on peekvid get a random bunch of google searches towards the weekend and then it disappears until saturday.So after a year it comes as bit of a surprise that Peekvid is now being sued. Question being: What took so long? (BTW thanks to Simon Tew for the heads ups.)Under DMCA Peekvid might have safe harbour provisions; unless it can be proven they were actively using third party servers to pirate the shows they had. Complicity in pirating removes the safe harbour provisions.Its a bit funny that MPAA is going after only Peekvid. While other people sue Youtube. DailyMotion and Veoh the major sources of all content on Peekvid have been given a pass, while DailyMotion is located in France, Veoh is an American Corporation.Why aren’t they being sued?

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