Dr. Who – online, 24-7 thanks to the CBC.

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I’m a self confessed fan of bad science fiction shows.So bad that I just downloaded Space: Above and Beyond and am an avid Stargate & BattleStar Galactica fan. In that vein I also watched the new BBC Dr. Who’s that started up a few years back. There’s also the bit of fun that they are filmed in Wales my families homeland. The BBC has been offering up episodes on their website for those located in the UK, now the CBC has followed suit.So if like me you’ve missed an episode or two feel free to get your Dr. Who fix on the CBC website.As an aside, I’ve complained about the CBC’s web offerings before but I think this is a positive step. And so I think Cory Doctorow’s criticism is a bit much as Tod Maffin points out.I have some issues with Cory’s complaints on this and while Tod is nicer than me I’m going to address them a bit more directly:

* It’s streaming, not download: the CBC doesn’t stop you recording the TV shows they transmit, but they stop you recording the shows they webcast. Why should one be different from the other?

Umm…. you can still download the stream. I just did. I just happen to know how. So if you have the technical knowledge this isn’t an issue. Plus if it involved a download it would need to be DRM’d for the licenses the CBC holds

* I can’t see it, because I’m using an IP address outside of Canada. The CBC broadcasts all its programming to all antennas, north and south of the US border.

Sucks to be where you are. Seriously though, this was the same problem people had with NHL broadcasts. Geo-locking is perfectly legitimate especially to where you’re broadcast right extend. And while it is annoying in this case the cbc didn’t create Dr. Who series they merely broadcast it – they have no rights to dissemination outside Canada. You’re broadcast south of the border example is abit off to my knowledge there are no CBC antennas south of the border – you’re just lucky enough to be in range of Canadian Based transmitters. Canada is not in the business of funding the CBC for US based viewers.

It’s a bummer to consider a future in which broadcasts — which we can all see and record — are replaced with geo-locked, streaming crippleware netcasts. Hard to understand how that serves the public interest, something that the CBC, a tax-supported institution, is required to do.

Get used to it. Geo-Locked programming is the wave of the future. The CRTC is looking into how it should be integrated into future legislation. If you disagree go and speak at the hearings that will be going on this fall. I’m not entirely sure of exact dates or times. I’m sure Michael Geist will be following it.On the whole a legitimate form of watching televisions shows is better than the nefarious kind. The amount of traffic Dailymotion and other youtube-esque sites get when their model is based on blatantly hosting pirated content show that streaming tv-shows resonates with consumers. Downloading etc aside people use it.The fact that our national broadcaster is trying to embrace this is a good thing, thanks CBC.

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