So… Time doesn’t exist.

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Hard to believe but it maybe true. Like something out of a Star Trek episode physicists are now saying that at the fundamental level of a unit of time or 10-43 second, less than a trillionth of a trillionth of an attosecond (1 attoseconds is to one second as a second is to 3 million years.) There is no time or tempus incognito at least according to theories on the planck scale. My favorite quote from the article:

The possibility that time may not exist is known among physicists as the “problem of time.” It may be the biggest, but it is far from the only temporal conundrum. Vying for second place is this strange fact: The laws of physics don’t explain why time always points to the future. All the laws—whether Newton’s, Einstein’s, or the quirky quantum rules—would work equally well if time ran backward. As far as we can tell, though, time is a one-way process; it never reverses, even though no laws restrict it.

Really cool.

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  1. Bene says

    Ah, so THIS is what Braden was trying to talk about…

  2. Going Crazy says

    We are not capable of grasping this. Think about it long enough and it drives you crazy.

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