Malaria: the Forgotten Plague..

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For all those asking, I’m not dead (yet) just ill (again), but I’m not helping my recovery by going to work. I do plan on getting back to regular updates here later this month.Today’s post pretty much writes itself and its about an some amazing work done by a friend.Katie Lewis (who sits on my blog roll) recently returned from Uganda where she was doing a profile on Malaria and its affects on the people of Africa, with the devastating affects of HIV/AIDS in Africa, Malaria tends to be forgotten. Her work was printed in Sunday’s Ottawa Citizen and can be seen here. The Citizen in contrast to its usually dry website has gone all out on this story and have included an amazing flash site including:

  • a multimedia introduction to the series, including her photos and commentary about malaria’s deadly grip on Africa.
  • a photo gallery of Lewis’s trip highlighting her experiences in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda and the people she met along the way.
  • her blog Notebook East Africa that she kept throughout her month-long trip to East Africa.
  • other stories in the series.
  • and information on how malaria is contracted. Tracing how the disease progresses from the first mosquito bite to infect the human body.

Katie’s work there was sponsored by the Diane King Stuemer Fellowship which started this year. On top of this she’s won several several awards for her journalistic talent, including the Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Award for International Development Journalism and the Hon. Edward Goff Penny Memorial Prize for Young Canadian Journalists, she also blogged on the Torino Olympics for Coca-Cola. As you can see she’s been busy.In regards to the Citizen increased web effort I’m hoping this maybe the start of some better integration between the citizens online work and their print material. Maybe a look at things to come. Aside from that, I was pretty shocked to learn many of the statistics and realities facing the poor in Africa suffering from Malaria. Hopefully Katie’s work will enlighten others aswell.Well done katie!

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