A New Camera.

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I recently bought myself and helped someone else buy a new Camera. I was amazed at the range of options available to buy.Not being a shutter-bug myself, I’ve owned only one other digital camera in my life (other than those built into phones.) My previous camera was a beefy Nikon 990 3.3 Megapixel camera that I picked up in early 2001 for about $800. It was a great camera but every time I dropped it or someone at a bar spilt something on it I nearly cried. It was also a) HUGE, b) a powerhog (4 AA’s) & c) SLOWI recently resolved to get myself a camera to fix the problems of the 990 for a non-camera loverTo this end I wanted a camera that was under $175 Cdn, used SD memory, was pocketable (very small), and had rechargeable batteries, I also would have liked miniUSB charging. I bought the HP Photosmart R725, which I found at Office depot for $169.99. Its been a great addition, sadly though it does not include miniUSB charging.Along the way of researching this simple point and shoot camera I discovered Flickr Camera Finder.This cool little addition of flickr shows you pictures that have been taken by regular users of flickr. A number of the reviews questioned the quality of the R725’s pictures by my viewing of lots user shots I’d disagree. In any event if your planning on purchasing a new Camera take a look at the flickr page to see if your camera is take the kind of pictures you’d like to. Lo

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at www.mattroberts.com.

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