Please take down my information.

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Yesterday, I read about RapLeaf over on Jane Porters Blog. Not all that impressed i decided to see if my name was included…. Being famous (ahem) it of course was ;-)I decided to see if I could “opt out” as its my information and i have no wish for someone else to be aggregate my online identity in one place. Since I don’t wish to subscribe to still one more site I visited their Terms of Service and found out how to get my information off there. Needless to say it was a complete crock of S#!*.You can read the below email exchange and some thoughts at the end.——————-Cut  to reflect that times change——————-Since Rapleaf has now opened up an API for third Party developers then I’m going to propose they electronically allow me to delete my user information. It should not be hard and it doesn’t require a physical Mail I think Jane Porter has a point that this is really wrong and creepy.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at


  1. mattroberts says

    The irony of course is that Jane Porters Info is now on there 🙂 She’s the one that sent me down this path in the first place!

  2. Rapleaf Blog » Start-ups, privacy, and being wrong says

    […] retrospect, this doesn???t make sense, as highlighted by Matt Roberts. Since we’re already removing information off the site when we get an email, we […]

  3. Russell says

    This silly exchange seems inline with how these people think. They have another website called Upscoop that searches your contact list against all the popular social sites. What they don’t tell you is that after you login they e-mail all of your contacts alerting them that they’ve been searched on Rapleaf / Upscoop, and directing them to visit their Rapleaf profile. Blech.

  4. If the Medium is the Message….. « says

    […] Not that I think Robert is an evil guy. But he does use a fair bit of the (pardon the expression) Web 2.0 Social Networks. All of them have different terms of services and different rules. Who knows, he may take that information and upload it to Rapleaf or Upscoop both of whom people have had significant issues with (yours included.) […]

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