Mosaid: Was it a Good or Bad Quarter?

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I worked in a Campus Newspaper office and watched as reporters tried valiantly to keep their bias from clouding their reporting on subjects. Let me be honest – its an almost impossible task, but with good editors and a willingness to review ones personal views I watched as, for the most part, our editorial staff kept their political/personal antagonisms from clouding what was essentially a good outlets to inform students at my alma mater.I’m not sure who is right on this one but its interesting to focus on the differences in reporting between the Ottawa Business Journal and the Ottawa Citizen on Mosaids most recent quarterly results.The OBJ says in its article by Leo Valiquette, entitled MOSAID on track in Q2″

MOSAID Technologies Inc. was on target in its second-quarter results released after Tuesday’s market close and reaffirmed its expectations for the full fiscal year.The company, which has been restructuring into a pure-play licensor or its intellectual property, reported net income of $4.7 million, or43 cents a diluted share, compared to net income of $4.7 million, or 42 cents a diluted share, a year ago.The results were almost four times what the company had forecast in August, but MOSAID attributed much of the spike to the weak U.S. dollar and the boost this provided to the bottom line due to the exchange rate on U.S. dollar-denominated liabilities.

The Ottawa Citizen’s Bert Hill, has a different view on the quarter in his article entitled “Mosaid shares slide on wait for patent deals”

Mosaid Technologies is setting cautious goals for the next quarter as it tries to close elusive patent licensing deals with major technology manufacturers.The stock hit a 40-month low yesterday of $15.26, down more than 40 per cent this year, as investors awaited news on whether Mosaid has signed new deals with 50 big technology companies that it has been dickering with for months.

Two different perspectives on the success of the quarter. Who’s being to positive or too negative might also be viewed (by the reporters) as who is getting through the spin, from the marketing prime. In any event its probably to get your interpretation of these things from more than one source.

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