Guy racks up $85K cell phone bill

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OK,  go here for the article.Essentially:

 “the client used the cellphone as a modem linking it directly to the computer and downloading huge files, … high-res movies for instance.Staniaszek said he pays $10 a month for unlimited mobile browsing on his cellphone. “So I figured that was the same thing, but I guess not.””&”I told them I wasn’t aware that I would be charged for hooking up my phone to the computer. I’m going to try and fight it, because I didn’t know about the extra charges. Nobody explained any of this to me.”

Now I guarantee what will happen next. People will start looking at this and say Canada has exorbitantly high data rates and that this is yet another perfect example of such. Wait for it….

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  1. thomaspurves says

    Canada has exorbitantly high data rates! whew had to be said…I thought of actually trying this trick earlier in the year. Theoretically it should have been possible to rack up a million plus phone bill in a single month with a Bell data plan and their 3G network. Rogers did, and still does, have much notably data rates, but at the time their data network was also much slower.Anyway would have been an interesting experiment, but the though of risking bankruptcy court for the sake of a potentially quixotic statement didn’t quite seem worth it on balance.In the end, our elected officials figured it out on their own.

  2. mattroberts says

    It would have been a fun experiment but I think we’ll let Mr. Staniaszek try it out for us :)I agree the prices in Canada are exorbitant & I knew someone would have to say it. That said in this particular case I don’t think he has the expectation that Unlimited was unlimited when his phone was being used as a modem for his PC. especially as none of the data plan on the bell site seem to be what he’s talking about.

  3. Mitch Brisebois says

    Funny thing, I used to work with Piotr (the dad). Ironically at Nortel his job was designing stuff so Bell could make more money! Karma can be cruel.

  4. Unlimited Data Plans on Rogers & Fido « says

    […] I know this should get some play in the blogosphere here in Canada (mr. Purves) especially after the worst than third world comments. With an expected announcement on the iPhone around the corner all this makes sense. I wonder how Mr. Staniaszek will feel. […]

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