More than one Matt Roberts

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I’ll admit to googleing my name on days when I’m bored.  Not only does it stroke my ego a bit as I’ve ended up with a Google rank at 3rd! But its also interesting to see what other people who share my name (and possibly would love to have my Domain) are up to.There’s the young Matt Roberts who recently co-founded Bean2Bed a company thats makes beanbag beds. Honestly, a pretty cool idea I’m surprised he got there first. He was also featured as one of BusinessWeek Europe’s Young Entrepreneur. There’s a Doctor Matt Roberts down in Australia who gave up on medicine and has started the Matt Roberts Band. You can watch his video on Youtube below.Just to confuse the situation there’s another Matt Roberts in L.A. who headlines a band Called the Matt Roberts Group.There a Matt Roberts who sometimes comes close to knocking me down on the Google Rankings that does Professional Photography. He’s does quite a few celebrities and has a bit of the paparazzi feel about him (at least in his writing.) My personal favorite is this picture of FiftyCent on the subway with some of New Yorks Finest.There’s Matt Roberts the Magician, who has performed on the today show.Matt Roberts the Comedian, An “actor comedian & average guy” he also stared in “The Cross-Eyed Fiddlin’ Yak” about a man’s friendship with a musically-talented Yak that goes dreadfully awry when he inadvertently poisons the beast with insecticide.There’s also that other Matt Roberts who keeps knocking me off the top spot on google . Having printed numerous books, video collections and trained numerous movie stars. I guess I  can live with that for a little while.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at


  1. mattroberts says

    I believe Katie Lewis was dating Rupert Gint. Who plays Ron Weasley. 😛

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