Google Calendar Sync for Blackberry

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I missed this yesterday but Google has now released Google sync for Blackberry.  This essentially can eliminate ones reliance onMicrosoft Exchange which I love and until they get contact sync going I’ll hold off on a complete dumping of my still reliable Exchange system.I know of at least 5 people who will however be dancing for joy with this service.

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  1. Aydin Mirzaee says

    Matt, you know… I was just about to download this… but then, I figured that it would constantly sync and with Canadian Data Rates… unfortunately, I had to pass… why can’t we have unlimited data for $20/month like they do in the US? oh well :(Aydin.

  2. mattroberts says

    You had to say it :)I’m going to chalk it up the Canadian Governments refusal to allow foreign players into the arena. Its a side of the story that is rarely if ever discussed. Our Carriers suffer from a lack of cheap credit ( or did there’s no such thing now) to build out their networks. If you look at almost every US wireless carriers there are large investments from foreign carriers. T-Mobile is owned by Deutsche Telecom, Vodafone tried to by ATT Wireless etc. there hasn’t been any action here and there won’t be our high prices are a symptom of lack of capital for the existing pool of carriers. Don’t expect new spectrum to help.

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