Spotwave Wireless Defunct?

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Well here’s a bit of sad news. Spotwave Wireless a company that developed indor Cellphone tower service repeaters has closed its doors. Or so the OBJ is saying.I remember the early team doing a spectacular job presenting their vision to local VC’s and Angels back in the summer of 2000 at an event.By my memory (which is usually wrong) I believe Primax Ventures and Ventures Coaches were the initial VC-funders in around 2001, for $2 Million, after an initial angel round of some 600K. I know some X-Newbridge alumni (Conrad Lewis and Ken Wigglesworth) while at Newbury also invested at some point. They did a $3 million round in 2003ish and landed a bigger round like $7-8 million in 2004, I think thats around when Shane Young stepped aside in favour of Bill Carlin for the CEO position. Then they picked another $10 million in early 2006, with motorola getting involved, I was told off the record that sales were in the $12- 15 million range at a party around then.Its too bad. I thought they had a good team and great potential and were gaining traction in China and the U.S.. Maybe there’s more here then we’re hearing about.

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