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As usual, I plan on posting something. Write half the post get distracted then busy, and suddenly a weeks gone by and I’m the last one to post on the subject.My monthly coffee buddy, Ian Grahams, goal to get The Code Factory up and running seems to be reaching fruition. In case you’ve missed it, the Code Factory is a:

co-working space for entrepreneurs and start-ups at reasonable rates. The code factory is much more than just space; it’s community, it’s culture and a facility focused on development; personal and product.

Ian who, along with Peter Childs (among others), is one of the local organizers for the local *camps, which have contributed greatly to discussion and fostering community here in Ottawa. But for local startups this could be a bigger contributer to their successful start than anything now available.Instead of worrying about office space fit up problems, they can now concentrate on building good ideas. To some extent, part of the value Terry Matthews brings to his seed investments at Wesley Clover (where I used to work, and am now concentrating on my own big ideas) is the sense of a local community working together in a shared space environment. For those who aren’t working in the telecom space (a good percentage) this is the next best thing or better depending on your criteria. I really think its what’s needed in Ottawa.There is nothing more exhilarating than being surrounded by smart intelligent people who have an entrepreneurial spirit in their blood. This is what Ian hopes will make the Factory more than just bricks and mortar, it’ll be a place where talent feeds off other talent making everyone the better for it. I’m looking forward to hearing about the plans moving forward. He’s putting a great team together and bringing together the partners needed to make a success of it – it’ll be an interesting spring for the local community.If you haven’t kept up on Ian’s progress head over to his blog for the latest news.

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