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Perennial favourite HypeMachine is just not cutting it anymore for me. I spent most of the holidays exploring the latest thing through it but just haven’t found any new and exciting music. Today seems to be the day i get assaulted with new sites to find music and fill my new iPod – so I thought I’d share.There’s two new sites that popped up today. (at least for me)First, there’s Seeqpod. Which is just an mp3 search engine (with a number of dubious sources) that lets you also see what others are looking (searching for)  for. You can download, link to embed etc the music to your own site. It works but there are still broken links in the results… This problem is mostly solved by HypeMachine now.There’s also a new way of finding new music with the sixtyone. Think of it as a digg like system for discovering new music. the ranking system is a bit more complicated in that it takes into account your willingess to go out and sample new music if you do that more than just hitting the top 20 results your vote would count more. This would imply that your more of a trend setter than a following the crowd kind of person. (I like crowds)

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