First guy on the Ottawa Network.

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Its fun reading the paper in the morning and discovering new things. Today, I discovered who was (possibly) the first member of Facebook in the Ottawa Network. My friend Aydin Mirzaee the CEO over at bOK. According to the Ottawa Citizen article:

Mr. Mirzaee, the CEO of, an Ottawa startup that offers unlimited cellphone calls to clients, said he believes he’s the first person to join an Ottawa-area network because other universities in the area didn’t have any networks at that time, he said.McGill had a network, he said, likely due to its high American student population.Facebook yesterday declined to provide user numbers for Ottawa and did not say whether Mr. Mirzaee was the first Ottawa user.

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  1. Ben M says

    I’m betting the first guy on Facebook from Ottawa was a friend of mine called Sean Karamchandani. Sean graduated from Nepean’s Bell High School and went to Harvard a year before Mark Z, who later became dorm buddies. Harvard students were offered first crack at what we now know as Facebook.

  2. mattroberts says

    Might be – in this case I think they’re referring to the first person to join the Ottawa Network. But who really knows Facebook isn’t saying.

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