DemoCampOttawa7 & the Ottawa Flex User Group

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Last night, I and a few of the guys from JohnnyVoIP attended the inaugural Ottawa Flex User Group put on by Adobe in the aptly named Adobe Tower off Preston Street. Mike Potter the marketing manager for the Flex product line gave a great summary of where Flex was and what to expect in Flex 3. For me who is pretty light on background with flex/flash/air etc. it was a great summary, for others who have a stronger grounding there was a fair bit to be gained from Mike’s great over view of what to expect going forward. This event plans on being monthly so check out the Ottawa Flex User Group for the upcoming events. Mike assures us there will Pizza and Beer :)On Monday, Ben Willis, my co-founder,  will be presenting a Demo of the JohnnyVoIP Application to the DemoCampOttawa7 group.There’s a bit of a Facebook theme to the event this time around with Alec Saunders presenting Iotum’s wildly popular Free Conference Calling App and Luc Levesque presenting Travelpods  ‘the Traveler IQ Challenge there is also their Facebook App you can try. We’ll be showing off the current version of our stuff and some of the features we have in the pipeline.For a complete list of the participants, the attendees, the time and place etc. head over to the DemoCampOttawa Website. Should be a good night out.

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