The Greatest Story Ever Told.

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I just saw – the greatest story ever told.It was not the 1965 classic – about a carpenter in Judea. It was about a man with shop class experience name John Rambo in a complex story about why a man with a solemn tone and an expresive face should go on a journey up river – similar to the complex story of Kurtz and Marlow in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness (which I believe was a basis for this epic) – but I digress.I went to this movie with a faint memory of First Blood and the associated franchise. To my astonishment they made no mention of his previous exploits, except for a 20 second flashback and a brief mention of “‘Nam.” Which according to google – could mean anything, but knowing that at least Vietnam was somewhere in Rambo’s previous movies, I expect he meant that.This movie was quite possibly the greatest movie ever made and if more people saw it I think it could solve world peace. I’m not going to ruin it with spoliers. But the acting was better than I would have expected, the characters were believable, meaning it was easy to remember who they were & what they did. Stallone won a oscar for the first Rocky – and I think he deserves one for making me love the theater again.By the end of this movie I was chanting USA! USA! thats how good this movie was. It made me love America again – and in Public! It reminded me of the day when I just knew America was good and everyone else (particularly those people in jungles) was bad… it was like my childhood beliefs were restored to me.If you (like me) had a sad and lonely Valentines day and need a pick me up – see this movie. If you went to see 27 Dresses on Valentines Day – see this movie (and bring the monkey who made you see 27 dresses.)The latest Rambo is all you need to make your life complete.

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