New Apartment… what’s the state of OTA HD in Ottawa?

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So I”m about to start renting a new apartment down in Westboro (a nice little neighbourhood in Ottawa).Beyond the excitement of a change in venue and a nice area to hangout in… I have a dilemma, I don’t really watch TV anymore, except for hockey and the occasional whatever’s on. But i do enjoy HD – So my question is on OTA (Over The Air), I know high definition is available for free in Ottawa from CBC, but I’m also hoping to complete a hat-trick of CTV and Global in HD at the same time. Does anyone know if they’re broadcasting here yet?Also does anyone know of any good antennasIi should be looking at? I’m not expecting to pickup the US stations or PBS but that would a great bonus.  🙂

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at


  1. mattroberts says

    Thanks for the many emails. It seems that only CBC-HD and CBC (French) are available locally OTA at the moment.

  2. Rob Mitchell says

    Hey Matt,Check out Free to Air (FTA). If you have a satellite dish (or can get one) you can pick up all the fee satellite feeds (not just here in North America).Additionally if you are inclined the Coolsat line comes with a USB key. Now you wonder what that key is for. Well there are plenty of FTA sites that will allow you to download a bin and plug the key into the available USB slot on the back of the receiver. The system does the rest and screen lights up like a Christmas tree with whatever is available on the "bird" you are pointing the dish at.You can get the receivers in both PVR standard broadcast and HD. They allow you to connect an external USB HDD for your recording bliss.Obviously this is illegal and I would never condone such a thing!:-)Rob

  3. Dan says

    Did you have any good luck with HD OTA (CBC only by the reply) in Westboro? I just moved up here from Belleville (so into a much bigger city) and am wondering whether it’s worth the cost to buy an indoor antenna for my HDTV. Let me know…it’s a small world. BTW, your blog came up top 10 in a google search for "CBC HD over the air Ottawa"…small world!

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