Ottawa’s Plasco in MIT’s Tech Review

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I did a tour of the Plasco site site a year and a bit ago.  Rod Bryden did his usual artistic sell on the merits of the technology and handed out a bunch of material on the project. Andreas Tsangaris his chief scientist (CTO?) seems to be an authority on this technology and, though a layman, I came away impressed with the promise.Recently, Ottawa city’s council approved the building of a new plant to provide power on the local grid. For those interested in Gasification of Garbage there was a a primer by MIT’s Technology review released today. Its worth a look if your not up to speed on what this stuff does. This should hopefully help with our pressing issues on garbage and energy, the recent trial experienced some delays so this isn’t for the faint of heart, and our Local government should keep on an eye on how our tax dollars are being used here. Nevertheless, a cool story coming out of our city.

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  1. Jane Porter says

    I read that review the other day too … very interesting indeed. And I’m happy that I actually understand the gasification process now! This is very high tech but in general, the waste-to-energy field can go a lot further. Just simple things like adding perforated tubes to collect the methane from regular landfills can be done.. yet a lot of Canadian landfills don’t. And the bio-methane industry… huge potential. Good to see more blogs out;)

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