Smart People listen to Jason Calacanis or 11,049 people can’t be wrong.

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I get my information from a wide variety of people and a large number of blogs (so many that my RSS reader will be culled this Xmas).But way back before RSS feeds ruled the world, I subscribed to mailing lists. I would usually get a a digest of my favourite lists each evening and I followed a few select Mass emailing newsletters by people who were the Om Maliks or Michael Arringtons of their day. Now that blogs are all the rage I no longer subscribe to any emailing lists save one.Jason Calacanis has a mailing list in which he sporadically writes well thought out opinion pieces in response to numerous technology or business subjects, maybe one day he might just post on the weather – I’m sure that would be interesting too.In any event, the reason I and people like me don’t have a website link for it, the reason for that is because Jason has some rules about not posting his letters to blogs Regardless, the list is available to everyone to join and as of today there 11,049 people on it. I encourage you to put him past 11,050. You’ll be the better for it.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at

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