You’ve got to wonder….

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… what the $13.5 billion we just spent propping up the auto industry could have done towards building up the next generation of Bio, Clean, Info Tech companies.

The contrast of government support tech gets versus manufacturing sometimes makes one ask what kind of future we’re really all aiming for.

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  1. Ian Graham says

    I am with you on this one Matt.I don’t believe the economy moves forward by funding backwards. What I mean is we are transitioning from an industrial to knowledge based economy and frankly the auto sector is industrial. There needs to be more rationalization in the auto sector with a vision to creating opportunities in the knowledge sector.Funding where you were won’t get you to where you should be. The analogy I’d like to use is Wayne Gretzky’s famous saying "I go to where the puck will be." Hopefully Mr. Gretzky will be coaching in a Canadian City real soon.Anywho back to the point. If the economy is where the hockey puck the auto industry is where the puck is now. The knowledge economy is where the puck "will be". To get to where the puck will be we need to fund knowledge infrastructure NOT industrial infrastructure.If we continue to fund in the past were pucked. 😉

  2. mattroberts says

    I keep hearing politicians and union leaders say that we need to keep these ‘good jobs in Canada.’ Am I alone in thinking these are predominantly low skilled labour, and the skilled off shoots are for a shrinking portion of the overall total?Funding backwards is an apt statement. The recent funding announcements for universities is another ‘more buildings’ announcement, this is of course after some of the largest funding for University upgrades just ended for the echo’s.

  3. Dan Blouin says

    For a fun exercise, divide the total amount spent by the number of jobs quote-saved-end-quote.

  4. Ian Graham says

    peak number of jobs according to "U.S. Automotive Industry Employment Trends" Office of Aerospace and Automotive Industries U.S. Department of Commerce dated: March 30, 2005 was 1,313,600 workers. Thats $10,300 per worker.

  5. Ends says

    I agree totally with your comments, We should be investing in newer technologies for the future cars, build and invest in technologies to replace these fossil fuels. We should leave the car industries and oil companies fail, unless they research into alternatives. They have been warned for over a decade ago about just building and building so many cars to sit in parking lots, there are too many car companies, too much over manufacturing, this is the ideal shift to change our thinking and running the world into a brick wall. The oil companies just make billions and billions in profit, just to give it back to stupid share holders, that money should be forced [or a good proportion] into a research pot for developing next gen technologies and to adapt their national network of fueling stations to take these new ways of fueling new cars to help the uptake Globally.But we need to change global thinking, and stop the greed of these companies. As Matt said about keeping low wages labour , we must keep these factories open, For what ??? They are just prolonging the madness and pain, we over produce these cars, too many companies, too many thirsty gas models, we have the same problems in UK, we need radical re thinking. Jobs will be lost yes, it wont be pretty, but its the cycle, and these people will be absorbed into the new industries, cleaner, better … better now than when we are stuck with oil run out or our climate in a worse mess, too late to change it then. just my thoughts and rants from across the pond …

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