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Well the word is out, I just got Twittered by a couple people outside of my ‘discreet’ group of friends, and so  I think I should probably share the news here.On July 26, 2009 Sarah Palin will exit as Governor or Alaska and just under a week later on July 31, I’ll be leaving Wesley Clover to pursue my MBA at the Richard Ivey School of Business.  My goal was always to outlast Mrs Palin and it seems that I have accomplished this goal with a few days to spare.More seriously, I’m going to miss being here at Wesley Clover and working with some awesome people on cutting edge stuff. I guess you’ll never feel quite comfortable about leaving friends, colleagues and cool  work (&  salary) for a new chapter – but if there was ever a time for me to move to get the MBA this felt like the right moment.  With Ivey having a spectacular reputation I really feel like I’m heading to a cool, challenging environment.Since, I’ve still got a few weeks to go and I only shared the news internally in the past couple weeks  it doesn’t seem quite real.  So I’ll save up a proper – I’m Leaving Post – for when I’m really, actually you know – leaving.  Between here and there I’ve got a busy few weeks. 🙂

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  1. Aydin Mirzaee says

    Wow, had no idea… you can never go wrong with education :)Are you going for a two year program or 1 year?Aydin.

  2. Ian Graham says

    Congrats on getting into Ivey Matt. Will you be staying in Ottawa and studying virtually or is there a physical move involved too? Inquiring minds want to know.Ian

  3. matt roberts says

    Thanks guys. Its a one year program, I’ll be leaving for London, Ontario in Early August.

  4. Ian Graham says

    Sounds like there should be some beer and festivities in late July then.BTW, I always knew you would outlast Ms Palin term in office. 😉

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