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I had one of those complain on Twitter get an explanation moments. I thought I’d throw props where they deserve to be.Dell (recently) introduced a program for downloading their drivers called Dell Driver Download Manager. Probably great if you own a dell, not great for people like me who don’t. I use an Acer Aspire one – Great for portability slow if you over burden it. More programs equal more windows load times…All I needed was a Printer Driver – just one driver. Our office printer is a Dell and I wanted my Aspire One to print on it. Pretty simple. But first I discovered I needed Dell Driver Download Manager and then I discovered it would not download in Chrome (or not that I could get it to). Firefox also failed – but I now see that was an issues on the PC. But anyways a pretty big fail on this end. I fired up Internet Explorer to download Dell Driver Manager then download the file to get it to download the Print Driver I needed. Annoying.And I said as much to to dell on twitter.Today Lionel (over at dell), pinged me a response. A bug on their end, and a fix and an explanation. I’ll just say it, there’s something nice knowing that they heard me, they agreed, they fixed it and they directed a response to me. Small things for some odd reason that make Dell seem more personable and responsible to their customers. Now I’ve got to order my mini12.

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