Cool, I’m popular in India and China now.

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So since I mentioned on the blog that I’m heading to (UWO) Ivey to grab my MBA this fall I’ve gotten alot of emails from people.Alot of them from friends, but oddly from quite a number from people I don’t know who are in India and China.  When I say quite a number I mean 11, and some of them are quite long (with 20 questions). I’m also linked to on a message board in China that I think is about MBA’s in western countries (and food)… and the babblefish translation makes it out that I’m an ‘expert’…. so don’t believe everything you read online.But this goes to show that what my friend Katie Lewis (who lives in Beijing) has said to me, is in fact true. The great firewall of China – doesn’t work. My offending blog is blocked in China, probably for being friends with Katie (my mom warned me about those types of girls), but that hasn’t stopped enterprising potential Ivey student from emailing me to ask about my thoughts on MBA’s in Canada, about Ivey, and oddly enough to ask me for help to finance their degree’s (?!).So instead of answering them individually I’ll post something up here in a bit.  But please don’t send the same email seven times. 🙂

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at


  1. aym35 says

    lol. cool post :)MBAs are really popular in discussion forums. When I was back in school I applied to Harvard’s MBA Program (sadly, I didn’t get in) and when I got to the interview round, I was curious as to what questions they were going to ask… I stumbled upon a whole bunch of forums where people discussed this stuff in great detail… including people who just walked out of their interview and posted all the questions that they were asked! Internet is awesome.

  2. mattroberts says

    Thanks buddy. There’s a couple of those MBA forums out there for Ivey as well, I’m pretty sure the admin staffs can google as well as we can! For the written ‘essay’ questions Niki Healey from Ivey posted the new ones on the Ivey Admissions blog earlier today: guess there’s no secrets thanks to the web 🙂

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