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Here at Ivey, I’m the Co-President of the Entrepreneurship Club and a VP in the Finance Club. This makes me infinitely cooler than the President of the AV Club, but not as cool as the Wine Club Presidents. Every now and then I send out an email on links I’ve bumped into that I find interesting about starting companies or entrepreneurship in general – mostly focused on the Canadian scene.  Because of the wide range of background we have in the club some of these range to the basic – what is venture capital, to the more interesting – when to take a convertible debenture. I thought I’d share the list on here – along with my 1 sec commentaries.

  • Why MBAs Fail at Entrepreneurship  ( – Ignore the title, he’s got some good points.
  • Terry’s 10 commandments ( – How my old VC firm Wesley Clover Operated
  • The Catch 22 of small business funding ( & Angels step into venture capital void ( & How to find your financial angel ( – a 3 part piece by Mark Evans, very high level but a good brief if you’re new to this.
  • Why Virtual Nerd Declined a $70,000 Competition Prize ( – Great intro to Convertible Notes… and a good article
  • After Bootstrapping: Preparing for the Mid Haul ( – Good Blog all around… but a nice article for where some MBA’s end up i.e. start-ups looking to mature.
  • Creating a Venture Culture ( – David Crow – someone whose blog most of you may wish to read (particularly if like me you like tech)
  • Building a culture of Entrepreneurial Venture Capital ( – Chris Arsenault’s Take. – Chris is a great guy who’s been a huge help in guiding my own thoughts on this subject, he’s a founder of VC outfit iNovia.
  • Don’t Fear the Start-up ( – Rick Segal is an ex-VC, who has returned to his entrepreneurial roots. Most people know one of his other endeavors – he helped launch Chapters Online.
  • The Care and Feeding of Early Customers ( – Great Article (relevant to us all), also a good blog which you may wish to grab.
  • Capture and close clients: 5 hot sales tips for start-ups ( – Mars put this out, and its useful – subscribe to their Blog, always some good stuff out of there.

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