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With a full glorious weekend off coming up I thought I’d warn anyone on an RSS reader that I’ll be moving the blog and breaking alot of stuff in the meantime. Sad thing is, time has become a rare treat the past year while I’ve been at Ivey and I suspect it’ll still be rare once I get a job (if I get a Job).I probably spend more time sharing items on Tumblr, Facebook or over on Twitter and these WordPress posts are getting harder to do – and make sure they are relatively timely.  So I’ll be revamping my setup – And correcting the mistake I made 4 years ago when I set up the Blog as my main page instead of a subdomain – making it nearly impossible to refocus the site without messing up numerous settings, backlinks etc.Feel free to visit the site in a few weeks for a better representation as to what I’m up to here online and if we haven’t spoken in awhile feel free to ping me.

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at

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