You have to wonder about that slow yes.

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Today I caught up on some of blog feeds. It’s a welcome change to be able to truly appreciate the quality of the discourse of Tech/Venture Capital blogging today. Particularly when it’s not on the demise of Venture Capital, or the rise of  Super Angels (who are investing other peoples money – how are they angels? But I digress). Today I was reading Peter Carrescia‘s recent post on how a fast no beats a slow maybe.I couldn’t agree more.I’m currently in the middle of advising a company on their financing. I’m by no means the most experienced Venture Investor. But I think I could say with some confidence I know how each Canadian firm operates and I have a contact or a way into to almost every VC in Canada. It’s the luck of having worked with Terry Matthews for 5 Years, graduating from Ivey with my MBA and being the son of a tech angel and founder of several successful Semiconductor startups.Our discussion with VC’s have been hell. Don’t get me wrong. VC’s are just as polite as I expect them to be. But, they don’t say yes. Sadly, they won’t say no either. Our ‘real’ discussion with the Canadian VC’s started in February. We’ve been ‘in discussions’ since, including the most light touch DD.You might think they’re being polite. They just might be. Except, that when we got an offer from ‘non-traditional Capital source’ in mid-august guess who showed up with a term sheet within 72 Hrs? The VC we’d been in discussion with for several months.Where were they in May, June, or July?‘Way to busy, just couldn’t get it together.’It might be a reason VC”s in Canada are missing out on great deals. But this is the kinda BS that VC’s get flack for.  And as someone who has had to live it for the past several months the flack is well deserved.

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