lying is bad karma

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Title pretty much says it all and I suspect everyone will nod their head
to this one.

What exactly is lying? Is it exaggerating?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say in some cases yes. I see
entrepreneurs exaggerate their revenue expectations, their speed of
development, their IP, and seniority of their previous roles. I don’t call
this lying.

Is the statement “I developed XYZ” true when you worked on a team of 20
people. I’m willing to take a pass on this. It’s not lying – I know no-one
develops a product by themselves. Still I’ll probably ask a few follow up
questions, What did you work on? For how long? With whom? But the
fundamental statement that you worked on XYZ is true. This can happen on
numerous projects not just the comp-sci example. Every success has a
thousand fathers (or mothers) I don’t think it’s unfair to take some
credit if you had a hand in it.

What I can’t stand is people exaggerating or outright lying about their
credentials. You either have a degree, or you don’t. You either took a
Computer Science degree, or you didn’t. You have an MBA or you don’t.
These things are binary. One’s and Zero’s. Yes or No.

People lie about this stuff all the time or they obfuscate the truth.

I now have three examples of Waterloo students calling their MBET an MBA.

Why do they do this? Probably because no one has a clue what the MBET is.
But it’s not an MBA, it doesn’t require the GMAT (no math!), has roughly 1
year of work experience. When you visit their MBET website at Waterloo and
click on success stories you get none, when you click on their ‘notable
alumni’ you get none. Maybe it’s because all the grad’s are lying and say
they have an MBA from Waterloo (which the school doesn’t offer). Why lie
about this – I have no idea… but it’s funny.

Others don’t lie outright they obfuscate. Obfuscate is a great word for
it. It means: Render obscure, unclear, or unintelligible. And reading some
people Bio’s you would have a hard time figuring out what they took as a
degree. Here are two copy-past jobs with names changed to protect the

“Joe Blow has a degree from University of Alberta where he took classes in
History, Economics and Computer Science.” So what did he get?

Or “Jane Doe took business in Toronto.” So where did she go?

These are two examples among many. Truth is Joe Blow got an Arts degree in
Economics.. and he did take a class in CompSci in first year. But now he
works in Tech so it’s kind of uncool not to have a Degree in CompSci….

Jane Doe took her Business degree at Humber College in Accounting and Bookkeeping. But now
she’s an executive in a company that’s growing fast, everyone who works
for her is a York or UofT commerce grad. She needs to obfuscate.

Let’s be blunt… who cares if you have an MBA or an MBET? Took no compsci
classes when you were 19? The truth is very little of this matters.
You’ve got a company you cofounded, you’re there and presumable you know
what you’re doing… why risk the red flag being raised? It’s just bad

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Hi. My name is Matt Roberts, you can find me at

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