You don’t need an IVEY MBA to get into Venture Capital.

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I got an email from a student attending my MBA alma mater, Western University’s Ivey Business Program. Beyond the usual questions about London and the professors, she asked specifically: “Will the Ivey MBA be helpful getting into Venture Capital?”

Below is my cut and paste answer: 

Honestly, the answer is no. I did not get my job because of my MBA. But it was a great checkmark to have next to my name. It adds instant credibility on financial topics, accounting, and other non-technical matters. But I’ve been told it was my previous industry experience and tech-community involvement that got me my job.

That said the Ivey brand (HBA and MBA) is very strong in Venture Capital. Amongst Ivey grads in Venture Capital roles (analyst, associate and up) I can think of in Canada:

At iNovia, my buddy, Karamdeep Nijjar. 

At Rogers Ventures, Jason Zan.

At Mantella VP there’s Russell Samuels.

At RHO Canada – Roger Chabra.

Chris Albinson at Panorama Capital.  

And at Summerhill there’s Gary Rubinoff and Brian Kobus.

In the BDC IT Venture Fund there is myself and Ron Warburton – our MD and my boss. 

While in the wider BDC VC family there is Paul Kirkconnell, Glenn Egan, Charles Cazabon, Charles Morand, Denis Ho, and Tony Van Bommel.

I’m sure there are more but this was off the top of my head (seriously). So yeah….  let me restate what i meant when I said “no” earlier, I meant maybe. 

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  1. karam_n says

    also…Marc Faucher @ BBFundBrian Antonen @ Celtic House

  2. matt roberts says

    I think next time we should call out the firms that need an Ivey grad.

  3. matt roberts says

    Andy Haigh At Lumira – which I feel pretty bad about forgetting.

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