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matt roberts

I spent this past Saturday @ Communitech for their First StartupWeekend. So much for my sacrosanct Saturday’s resolution. You’ve got to wonder why its taken them so long to organize one, its K/W (!) there must be a huge demand.

To my memory, Edmonton, Ottawa (Royce!), Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto all have had multiple events over the past few years that I’ve attended. BDC VC was again a sponsor, the Gang for Communitech were helping out swell which was cool. Lots of good mentors in attendance – Sid from OMERS put in some time. The place with all the bodies and food was pretty rank when I left at 9 on Saturday and probably needed an airing out on Sunday night. Glad I didn’t have to clean it up.

Lots of interesting ideas & well attended. I’m not sure but I felt the technical talent was better represented in the teams then I’ve seen in MTL or Toronto events. The winners were, Homefed, a airbnb-type foodee company, good group liked the dynamic when I sat with them… There’s one foodee co at every StartupWeekend (I am not joking). I think people must show up hungry or something.

I’ll probably hit the next SW if Chelsea asks (and pays in Beer).

While searching for the feeds on the K/W event I found the Jeddah StartupWeekend event that was going on in Saudi at the same time… Thought it was pretty cool that another group of entrepreneurs were out there trying to pull something together inside of 54 hours. Yesterday, I caught the announcement on who the winners were in Jeddah. Remove some of the more cultural aspects and you would think they could be the winning team in K/W. Nice to see..

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